The Basics of The Theory of Everything. 

     This is all scientific theory and could be wrong in part or total. Think deeper than semantics; do not get caught up in the words as much as the deeper meaning.  

     The Universe is continuous, infinite in space and time, simultaneous, symmetrical and locally interacting. 

     The unified equation of everything is U = E / S.

     The Universe = EnergyMatter / Space. 

     Time is represented by the operator and calculates continuously at the speed of light. Light speed is essentially the "clock-speed" c of the Universe. 

     As of now, U = E / S can only be calculated using a simultaneously processing grid-matrix commonly called a continuous cellular automaton. 

     The grid-matrix is how we represent space. 

     Each infinite point on the grid-matrix has a magnitude 

Each point of the infinite and continuous grid-matrix has magnitude   

is a self-optimizing matrix comprised of only two material components: EnergyMatter and Space