Frequently Asked Questions. 

QUESTION: What is The Optimist?

ANSWER: An online class told from the perspective of a time traveler. Includes unified physics, abiogenesis, consciousness and much more as taught in the future, available in the present for the first time ever.

QUESTION: Is Gary really a time traveler? 

ANSWER: Hey Alexa, what is "rhetorical device"? 

QUESTION: Is The Optimist Presents The Theory of Everything really true? 

ANSWER: Nothing in science can be fully proven. That is what makes science, science. The Optimist Presents The Theory of Everything may be wrong in part or total.  

QUESTION: Has The Optimist Presents The Theory of Everything been published as a paper in any academic journals?

ANSWER: Charles Darwin did not publish exclusively for the academic community and neither does The Optimist. As of 5/1/21 The Optimist Presents The Theory of Everything has been reviewed on various platforms over 5 million times and has generated over 100,000 comments from professors, students, STEM professionals, FAANG professionals, NASA Engineers and everyday people. The Optimist Presents The Theory of Everything has been called "really cool" by Stephen Wolfram who is arguably the most respected and successful living academic, and the theory's first principles are now the foundation for the world's fastest computer chip, the Cerebras Engine, which is deployed at the U.S. Department of Energy for modeling of fundamental physics and artificial intelligence. 

QUESTION: What is included with membership to The Optimist?

ANSWER: Membership includes the 2-hour "video-textbook" The Optimist Presents The Theory of Everything, video-chat with Gary the Optimist, Certified Optimist certificate & access to our private message board.    

QUESTION: What if I have more questions?

ANSWER: Contact Gary using the contact tool below or by email.