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 Theory of Everything

     The complete 2-hour Optimum Theory of Everything "video-textbook" is available exclusively for members of www.Optimum.Center. First developed in 2018, the Optimum Theory of Everything covers unified physics, abiogenesis, consciousness, advanced technologies, social and economic systems & much more. The Optimum Theory of Everything has been Liked over 1 million times across social media and by some of the world's brightest & most creative thinkers and doers including NASA programmers, FAANG project managers, Stephen Wolfram founder of Wolfram Alpha, Dr. David "Dr. Drew" Pinsky, Andrew Yang, colleges such as Goddard College and more. The Optimum Theory of Everything is the first scientific theory to computationally simulate the four fundamental forces of physics from one equation, our first principles now being the foundation for the world's fastest computer chip, Cerebras Engine, deployed at the U.S. Department of Energy for fundamental physics modeling. Optimum Theory of Everything was also one of the first scientific theories to explore "mind uploading" and universal basic income, both of which are now being publicly explored by Elon Musk and other visionaries. 

     As with all scientific theory, the Optimum Theory of Everything can never be fully proven and may be wrong in part or total; do not watch the Optimum Theory of Everything without parent / guardian permission if under 18 years old, or if you cannot think critically.